What a cracking review!

Just Jeanne 1 day ago
So I’ve been listening to The Cautionary Tale of Cox McQueen, and I have to say I’m blown away! From the opening notes, it’s apparent we’re in for quite a ride. Who is this Cox McQueen? Why is he pooped? His story unfolds in a solid set of songs, impeccably written, arranged and performed. Echoes of Beatles abound and venture into new territory, at turns jazzy and progressive, with flourishes of baroque pop and hard rock … genres you embrace with equal ease. Standout tracks are Silver Gown & Golden Vest, a riotous parade … crowds cheer, throw confetti and blow kazoos …. then the swirling, psychedelic Noonday Sun, catching sparkles of Lucy’s diamonds … the dreamy Lovers For The Weak, I can hear that playing on the radio … Fiddle and the Cheshire Cat with its charming saunter … the sweetly flirtatious Change, an instant favorite … Jagged Lines is striking, opens like a renaissance madrigal then careens into jarring rocker … loud crashing and drilling sounds, alarming news reports… Cox is spiraling out of control … then the Reprise, witnessing the crash of our star … scorching guitars descend into ominous flatline … uh oh ….
But signs of life return with Carol and Jones … the dust is settling … calls to mind Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The closer Something Queer is probably my favorite track … the undulating bass line & eerie dissonant sound … Cox picking up the pieces and moving on … spending all his days in yellow. A memorable track that really sticks in my head. Hats off to Khushman for an excellent vocal performance !
TCTOCM is a masterpiece Sharam. Hats off to you, Philip and all the musicians. You’ve created something to be very proud of. BRAVO !!!!